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About Nattfari Podcast

Nattfari Podcast is a new and modern podcast about riding and training of Icelandic horses. In each episode, we discuss one or a couple of relevant themes, mainly relating to development of the horse and improvement of the rider's skills.


Our ambition is to discuss and comment on each theme in an easy and intelligible way and to provide practical tips and guidance for riders at all levels.


Our goal is that each episode should contain something of interest for all our listeners; competition riders, horse trainers and leisure riders as well as those who do not ride icelandic horses (yet) but are curious of the sport.


Our vision is to spread the knowledge of the Icelandic horse, with emphasis on riding and training, to equestrians inside and outside of the Icelandic horse genre.


All episodes and other channels will be characterized by high quality, continuity and be free and available for all our followers and listeners.


To make our ambition a reality, our plan is to develop our information channels and, in the future, complement the podcast with videos that illustrate the content of the episodes. We will also take active part in events and competitions for horses and riders and make interviews with selected guests.


We make episodes in English, which are published once a month. Some of our interviews with guests are also in English.


We hope that you will enjoy Nattfari Podcast! You are welcome to contact us for questions and inquiries. Please share and subscribe!

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